2017-01-20: Finding your ideal endpoint protection—next-gen or otherwise—to achieve prevention, detection and response, SC Magazine

2016-12-22: Sing a song of ransomware, Naked Security

2016-11-16: What is next-gen endpoint protection, anyway?, SC Magazine

2015-12-23: Holiday security song #3: Ransomware, Sophos Blog

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2015-12-21: A security song for the holidays: Over the network and through the cloud, Sophos Blog

2015-02-17: Why Security is Failing in Organisations Today, CIO Asia

2014-08-07: 3 Places to Enable 2-Factor Authentication Now, Dark Reading

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2011-02-12: ‘Night Dragon’ attacks: Another reason to care about consumer malware, ZDNet

2008-07-09: The key to an open, transparent malware filtering system, ZDNet

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