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2016-08-26: Ransomware locks experts in debate over ethics of paying, SC Magazine

2016-04-30: SMB Security: Eight Risk Management Techniques for SMBs,

2016-04-15: BlackBerry Decryption Key Held By Canadian Mounties, Report Says, InformationWeek

2016-03-25: Verizon Enterprise Data Hit, Hackers Seek Big Payday, InformationWeek

2016-02-01: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Scammers This Tax Season, The Fiscal Times

2015-11-12: Users Balk at Mobile App Permission Requests, TechNewsWorld

2015-07-07: Scammers bypass Google filters with PDF cloaking, CSO

2015-07-07: Malicious PDFs Poison Google Search Results, eWeek

2015-02-05: Why small firms struggle with cyber security, BBC News

2015-01-20: How criminals can ‘suck information’ out of smartphones using Public Wi-Fi, Daily Mail Online

2014-11-20: We can’t easily shut down Russian webcam hackers, admits Information Commissioner, The Independent

2014-05-27:’s Android App Does Not Encrypt Files. Why Aren’t You?, PC Magazine

2014-05-20: US Charges Against Chinese Hackers Meant As Warning on Corporate Spying, International Business Times

2014-01-17: Neiman Marcus Data Breach May Be 6 Months Old, CIO Today

2013-12-31: Hack-proof your life: A guide to Internet privacy in 2014, NBC News

2013-03-22: Yontoo adware used to cash in on clicks targets Mac and Windows users, SC Magazine

2013-02-23: Expert Says Everyone’s At Risk Of Being Hacked, CBS Philly

2012-08-07: Users of some D.C. online services get malware warning, Washington Times

2012-07-13: Feds target online ads for counterfeit goods, Houston Chronicle

2012-07-12: How to Make Your Website Hacker-Proof, Entrepreneur

2012-06-15: Dealing with bad ads online, Washington Post

2012-06-14: Here’s One Thing Google and Facebook Can Agree On: Fighting Scam Ads, Forbes

2012-03-08: Botnets 101: Everything you need to know,

2012-02-23: Webmasters of infected sites ‘usually unaware of a problem’, SC Magazine UK

2012-01-25: How to protect your company’s data, The Business Journals

2012-01-06: Readers and Experts Weigh In on a Site Owner vs. Google, New York Times: Bits Blog

2011-10-27: Facebook Tightens Security with New Tools, Technology Review

2011-10-05: ISP Backlash Over Feds’ Bot Notification Initiative, Dark Reading

2011-09-16: Computer Hacking: Can “good” hackers help fight cybercrime?, CQ Researcher (subscription required for full report)

2011-08-22: Q&A: Maxim Weinstein on StopBadware’s New Web Host Program, Web Host Industry Review

2011-07-04: New Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses, USA Today

2011-06-21: The Perfect Scam, Technology Review (registration required)

2011-05-29: Nobody needs ‘friends’ like these, Boston Globe

2011-03-24: Update Java and you may get annoying McAfee scanner too, IDG News Service

2011-03-16: Group outlines web host’s role in fighting malware, SC Magazine

2011-02-11: Securing sensitive data often overlooked by small businesses, American City Business Journals

2010-12-17: Google Debuts “This Site May Be Compromised” Warning, Krebs On Security

2010-05-19: Five Ways to Keep Online Criminals at Bay, New York Times

2010-03-09: Mapping the Malicious Web, Technology Review

2010-02-18: Safe Travels for You and Your Data, New York Times

2010-01-26: Malware research group spins off from Harvard, Associated Press

2009-12-01: IT security Reboot 2009: Honoring the year’s information security luminaries, SC Magazine