Rules? Why do I have to follow rules?

Right now, on a local Facebook group (and presumably on Facebook groups around the country), a “conversation” is happening that looks something like this:

“OMG, the school committee is silencing its critics!”

“What do you mean?”

“They won’t allow people to show up at meetings and speak their minds on any random topic.”

“So, like, they plan and follow an agenda?”

“Yes! So if I want to rant on some other topic, I can’t do it.”

“Don’t you do it all the time on Facebook?”

“Yes, but they won’t let me derail the school committee meeting.”


“And, get this: They end the Monday meetings at 9:30pm. They won’t stay all night to debate unless they decide a topic is really urgent and has to get resolved.”

“So they want to get home to their families and get some sleep before doing their jobs the next day?”

“Yes, but what if I want to say something and it’s after 9:30?”


I really don’t know how elected officials do it.